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Tilley Lamps Serviced

As the title says, Serviced, these Lamps have been completely stripped, the tanks washed out and if the paintwork was poor, stripped and polished, all washers and seals have been replaced, the vapouriser, control cock and burning spider cleaned, pump serviced all washers replaced.

The Cage and Handle  is wire brushed and in small areas Wet and Dry emery is used to remove rust and pimples.

The lamps are the test burned before being offered for sale complete with 3 Mantles, Meths Jar and Torch, Funnel and Lighting instructions, these may be in a used condition.

Made in England 

Sorry Shipping Mainland UK only 

All Islands are serviced by Air Freight used pressure lamps are a prohibited item and are removed  by the CAA  without compensation (XRays)


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Bi-Aladdin 300 x Pressure Lamp

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Tilley AL 8 Table Lamp

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Tilley AL 8 Table Lamp


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