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Tilley lamp X 246 B Red

Tilley lamp X 246 B Red

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Tilley lamp X 246 B  Red
Tilley X 246 B Lamp fully working and with all accessories shown
Meths jar, Funnel, 3 Mantles, ignitor torch and lighting instructions.
Lamp has been stripped cleaned  and reassembled useing new parts where needed.

Madein England
UK Shipping 1.95 Kg without Packaging
Lighting Instructions
Make sure lamp is turned off.
Unscrew pump and ensure there is sufficient paraffin in the tank, approx. half full, replace pump leave loose
Should you be re-lighting the lamp and know there is sufficient paraffin in the tank, always loosen pump to release any pressure present
Ensure mantle is in good order, (see 'fitting new mantle' if absent or damaged)
Soak preheater torch in methylated spirit.
Clip preheater torch around vapouriser stem, light and slide up under glass.
LEAVE THE LAMP ALONE!!, don't fiddle!, when the methylated spirit begins to burn down tighten the pump, this allows the heat to create pressure in the tank
Just before the methylated spirit goes out, turn on the lantern and the mantle should light with a gentle 'Pop' and give a slightly yellow light. give ten to twelve full strokes on the pump.
Allow to burn for 30 seconds or so then give several strokes on the pump, (up to forty), until the mantle is burning bright white and the lantern gives a steady hiss. Over-pumping will cause yellow flame outside the mantle and can damage the tank.
To extinguish the lamp simply turn the control knob off. and release the pressure by unscrewing the pump.
Older models have a small 'nipple' on the tank, if working, (and they seldom did), a rod will rise flush with the top of the nipple when pressure is correct. If the light begins to fade or the mantle strongly 'pulses' light give additional strokes of the pump to restore brightness.

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