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R 5 Wick

R 5 Wick

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Also Known as Wick 7x --- 95 mm inner tube No Pins 200 mm long Glass fibre Top Cotton Skirt Parasene 591A - National OS 2300 (R5) Fujika Love - New Pet - Jewel & Peace Hitachi OVH-450 SharpHSR-10A; HSR-10C, -10E; HSR-14E; HSR-14F; HSR-31F, HSR-41D; HSR-48D; 480, 88F; HSR-200, HSR-208; HSR-70; HSR 70A, HSR 70E, HSR 73A, HSR-200, HSR-201; HSR 207B, HSR 208B, HSR 210, (95mm wick) [NOT THE HSR-70E or PECHKA HSR-70F] Toyokuni l Nec HSR 48D 200, DSK 225; DSK30 E; DSK34 XW, -34 PW; DSK-335, 335-608; DSK80 EU, DSK101 EU, DSK335, DSK608, TSK23 U; TSK-34YWE (S-95D); TSK80, TSK80 EU; TSK-80EU-341R.80.81; TSK81, TSK81 EGS, TSK-341 R (Sold in Europe as a "Ruby" brand name.) 101EU; TSK-23U; TSK30E; 64U; 608; TSK-608 Leopolet 341R. TSK-80EU; TSK-81EGS; EU-80EU.30E TSK-101EU; TSK-23U; TSK30E; 64U; TSK-80EU; 608; DS34PW-200- DSK34XW, -341R. 80.81-TSK81EGS-DSK101EU-80EU. 30E-TSK608-Leopet 341R-DSK335.60
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Wicks are Made in  UK

This item Weighs 70  Grams 

Shipped world wide   and UK 

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