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Parasene Wicks

With the Exception of the Red Heaters,  Parasene use either standard or Eltex flat wicks depending on Year of manufacture and Factory of origin.

Unfortunately Parasene chose not to put identifying marks on many of their Heaters so its a matter of trial and error when fitting flat wicks.

Here's a guide if you have the old wick

Two Blue threads running the length of the wick = standard wicks

Two Red threads running the length of the wick = Eltex wicks 

One green thread  Parasene Superwarm 4 & 5 Wicks

Made in England

UK  and Worldwide  Shipping

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Parasene 560 & 586 Heater Wicks

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Item in stock

Parasene Superwarm 4 & 5 Wicks

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Please remember the wick should always be below the Dome except when lighting Allow these Heaters to burn on a low flame for at least half an hour before leaving on overnight or Soot will result