Paraffin and Other Fuels

Paraffin is supplied to BS 2869C1 and is suitable for use in Paraffin Lamps and Paraffin Heaters

Standard Paraffin is Straw coloured. Do not confuse with  Heating Oil which contains a lot of impurities and could gum up the wick
Lamp Oil is Clear Paraffin with almost all impurities removed
Citronella Oil is Yellow and should only be used outdoors 

Because of  Postal restrictions these items can only be shipped as follows
Paraffin's 1 x 4 litres per consignment
1 x 1 or 2 x 1 litres 2nd class post small package
Lamp Oil no greater than 2 x 1 litre per consignment 2nd Class post signed for


This is where the confusion starts again, it's not Oil it's refined Paraffin, normally sold in 1 Litre Black  Bottles,  Crystal clear, no odour and very little taste, a better Name would be Paraffin Lamp Fuel, but it doesn't look as nice in the advertising.
Use only the clear version in Paraffin Lamps

Caution, some fuel suppliers are adding Toluene to their product to give a lower flash point and a brighter burn, not a good idea, look at this link Toluene Safety

Coloured and Perfumed Lamp Oils should only be used in Oil Lamps# as Directed, NEVER in a Paraffin Lamp
#  see Oil Vs paraffin Lamps The difference


Many people refer to Paraffin as Kerosene, if fact Kerosene is a baseline generic term for the liquid that most fuels are extracted from, as well as some additives 

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