Other Paraffin Powered Items,

 Heaters and Lamps were not the only thing powered by Paraffin, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ovens, Samovars, Food Warmers, Cookers, Tractors, Fighting Vehicles, and Magic Lanterns are just a few of them.
You wont find them all here at the same time, but we might get lucky and find a few 
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    Powered by  Small Paraffin lamps complete with Pixie chimneys using 5/16" flat wicks. The Flame can be adjusted from the side and the whole lamp removed through the top. Slides are inserted from the side in much the same way as any other projector. Lens are held in a Brass tube with simple push/pull Focusing, a double eyelid is fitted to each lens blanking the picture for Slide changing. There should be Two Metal Chimneys fitted on top of the Main Body, one is missing, I do not think this will effect the usage. It has been suggested that this might be something to do with Balloon Observers/photographers in WW1 the Pictures being Viewed in much the same way as a spot the difference game