Trying to work out which mantle to fit can be a problem which is not helped by manufacturers using their own references and/or upgrading and re-naming Lamps. Add  to this the long history of Lamp production and its not suprising that people get confused.
Mantles fall into TwoTypes.Soft Mantles found in most lamps and Hard Pre-Formed used in Caravans 

Soft Mantles forget about the name of the lamp, look at the size, Soft Mantles fall into Two groups.
Single Tie & Double Tie, They are then Classified by Candle Power or Brightness  [C.P.]
Lamps using Double Tie Mantles usually have a rod rising from the centre of the base
 Single Tie Lamp mantles usually hang from the Top on a ceramic sleeve
There are variations to the above usually found in older lamps.
As a Rule of Thumb the Candle power [C.P.]  is dictated by the Diameter of the Glass.
Up to 3 inch Dia  =  100/200 CP
Up to 5 inch Dia  = 300/500 CP
The above is only a Rule of Thumb Guide Manufacturers Guide lines should be observed when known

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