Aladdin Paraffin Heaters

Aladdin Paraffin Heaters work with Blue Flame Technology
Burning Standard Paraffin using wicks Made in England

Aladdin used 3 sizes of Burner 1", 2" and 3"
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  • Paraffin Heater Aladdinette 2901

    Paraffin Heater Aladdinette 2901

    Aladdin Aladdinette 2901 Paraffin Heater New wick  fitted, 1 inch 21 Burner  Tank checked for leaks.   lighting instructions inside case Brass Wick Cleaner  Do not use a Heater without reading the instructions and making yourself fully aware of proper use.  Please read the Webpage " Paraffin Safety important Please read" in the Green Bar  at the top of the home page
  • Aladdin Blue Flame Heater Series 25

    Aladdin Blue Flame Heater Series 25

    Working Aladdin Blue Flame Heater series 25 ------- Paintwork a little rough and some Rust showing-------  Can be used as a Boiling stove by removing the Top Cap-------- Winder has been replaces with a Brass Key