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This site has multiple item pages, the Green Menu on the left of the home page lists the best known Names for Paraffin Related Items in Alphabetical order. IE; Click on Primus and you will find Optimus and other Pressure Stove names.
The Alphabet is then started again for non Paraffin items

A Wick can fit many different Heaters, it is impossible to list Wicks under Heater Names.
To find a wick click on the Manufacturers name in the Green menu, then follow the instructions below 
Click on any wick menu - this will take you to a page with a picture and the instruction 
To Buy click "View Details" select from Drop Menu, add to Cart....The View details is the Purple box, clicking the Purple Box  takes you to a page with an 'add to cart' Button and a drop menu,you will not find any Heater Names, for those you must Scroll down (PC) or swipe page up (Phone) here you will find a list of Heaters and the Wicks they use, make a note of which wick, return to the drop menu, select same and add to cart.
 Most Aladdin Heaters have the Wick name on the Wick winder Button 

Shipping costs are based on prices published by Royal Mail and Parcelforce
UK Collections  Items  marked "UK collection only"   mean just that, please do not mail asking for shipping costs  

Worldwide Shipping          
Royal Mail International Standard Service, Normally restricted to 2 kgs Max but there are a few exceptions

Customs and Excise
Excise Duties are not included in the Shipping Costs, Customers should make themselves aware of any 
Prohibited Items and Duties/Taxes  applicable to their own country before ordering.
Parafinalia will not accept responsibility or claims arising out of actions by Customs and Excise.