Tilly Lighting Instructions
Lighting instructions for Tilly Pressure lanterns vary slightly between models,
I have found that in general this method will light any model.
1. Always Light your Lamp outside
Ensure that the pricker inside the vaporiser is in the closed position by turning the control knob clockwise, check mantle is not damaged.
Mantle required is Tilly 300Cp 164 X or 300 cp Double ended

Remove pump and fill with clean Paraffin to just below pump opening (approx one and a half pints). DO NOT OVERFILL
3.If filling is not required, ensure any pressure is released by loosening pump - this is Important! (The lamp will not Light Correctly Otherwise).
4.Take the torch out of the meths, and clip onto the vaporizer just below the globe. Light the torch (A new mantle will "burn - off" with a yellow flame, the fumes from this 'burn off' are toxic).
5.A The torch will burn for approximately two minutes, before it burns low (not too low), Open control valve by turning knob anti-clockwise.
B tighten pump and pressurise slightly with eight strokes of the pump. The mantle will light with a low 'pop'. Continue pumping until the mantle burns with a steady white light (about 60 pumps).
6.If the mantle does not increase its light when pumped, the vapouriser isn't hot enough, release pressure by unscrewing the pump, allow the torch to heat the vapouriser some more, then repeat 5 B
7.If the tank is not completely full then more pumps will be required.
8.Periodic pumping is required to keep pressure up.
The above also works on Vapalux/Bi-Aladdin lamps except they have a seperate pressure release valve and the meths torch is a captive cup and wick that is filled
To Extinguish
1.Turn control clockwise.
2.Always release pressure by loosening the pump gently.

Trouble shooting 
When lighting, should a yellow flame and smoke and soot appear when the knob is turned on this is caused by the vaporiser is not being hot enough or there is too much pressure in the tank. The remedy is to turn of the control knob and follow the Lighting Instructions from the Beginning. 
The Vapouriser will gradually become choked with carbon and require replacing about every 500 burning hours. Use of clean paraffin (kerosene) and the funnel will ensure that the life of the vapouriser will be as long as possible. 
If there is plenty of paraffin in the tank but there is a dim light, turn the control knob off and on quickly a few times to dislodge soot from the vapouriser. 
One and a half pints will burns for approximately 12 hours.