Paraffin is supplied to BS 2869C1 and is suitable for use in Paraffin Lamps and Paraffin Heaters
Standard Paraffin is Straw coloured. Do not confuse with Kerosene ( Heating Oil )
Reduced Odure Paraffin is Pale Blue, most of the Sulphur has been removed
Lamp Oil is Clear Paraffin with almost all impurities removed

Metholated spirits is Clear for use with Food Heaters

Because of  Postal restrictions these items can only be shipped as follows
Paraffin's 1 x 4 litres
1 x 1 or 2 x 1 litres 2nd class post small package
Lamp Oil no greater than 2 x 1 litre per consignment 2nd Class post signed for
Methylated Spirit  and Lighter Fuel NO Shipping


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Paraffin and Other Fuels

Butane Gas Cartridge Set 4

Butane Gas Cartridge Set 4

4 x Butane Cartridges 227 grm per cartridge, this is the one with the notch in the collar Good quality all year round stock not to be confused with the seasonal stock that runs out after one Kettle. UK only  1.4 kgs
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