Nothing quite like sitting by the light of an Aladdin Lamp,
A soft gentle Glow yet bright enough to read by.
The added bonus of Heat if you are in a Conservatory.

Aladdin have produced 18 different models since 1909
They were licensed to be produced in England in 1922 This means that the Lamps most likely to be found in the UK will be from No 11 and Super Aladdin on.
The No 23 Lamp is still in Production in USA and available in the UK as a new Lamp

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Aladdin Paraffin Lamps

Model 21c Aladdin Paraffin  Lamp

Model 21c Aladdin Paraffin Lamp

 Aladdin Paraffin Lamp Model 21c  --- circa 1963 to 1969  Heeled Branded Aladdin Chimney  Base is Chrome with some speckles Burner Nicad   -- New wick fitted Supplied with Mantle Lighting instructions and Wick Cleaner
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